What are the Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses?

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You’ve probably heard some of the hype about daily contact lenses, but if you’ve never had an issue with your extended wear contacts and you’ve never actually tried daily disposables, you might be somewhat skeptical about the benefits. Fair enough!

That’s why Dr. Ryczek offers free contact lens trials for our patients – because trying (and seeing!) is believing.

But we can’t stress enough that everyone’s eyes have varying levels of tolerance under different conditions. In many cases, daily contact lenses can be more comfortable, but for some of us, our eyes are completely content with extended wear contacts.

The main thing to understand is that daily contact lenses come with a lot more benefits than just increased comfort and convenience.

Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

  • No preservatives in your eyes – Daily contact lenses are stored in preservative-free solution and because they are thrown away after a single use, no cleaning solution is required, which keeps you from having to expose your eyes to contact lens solutions that contain chemical compounds and preservatives.
  • Less eye irritation from existing conditions – If you suffer from allergies or dry eye syndrome, contact lens buildup can exacerbate your symptoms. With a fresh pair of daily disposable contacts for every wear, you’ll never have to worry about this buildup.
  • Better lens composition – While extended wear contact technology is better than ever, there is often no substitute for daily contact lenses in terms of material composition. Because of the shortened wear period of daily disposables, the hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings and materials vary from other extended wear lenses, which tends to make them more comfortable and better wetting for many patients.

Of course, along with these benefits come many others, like decreased risks for infection, increased comfort and more. To find out if daily disposables might be right for you or to set up a contact lens fitting with our top-notch contact lens specialist, call our St. Petersburg optometry practice at 727-327-8855.

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