Will Wearing Contact Lenses Hurt?

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With the right contact lens prescription, wearing contact lenses should be a completely comfortable experience. Sometimes though, depending on the different brands, materials and fits that you may trial during the fitting phase, you might experience some discomfort, but you should never feel pain.

Additionally, if you’ve never worn contact lenses before, the thought of putting them in and taking them out can be intimidating. For many of us, any notion of poking and prodding our eyes is frightening. The good news is that with proper instruction and practice, contact lens use can easily become a normal part of your routine. Even if you’ve never been one to experiment with touching your own eye, you’ll be happy to know that contact lens use is much easier than it seems.

Proper Contact Lens Use & Wear

If you plan to start wearing contact lenses and you’re a suitable candidate, it’s important to remember that there are certain guidelines to follow in order to make your experience a positive one.

Some of the most common causes of contact lens wearers who report discomfort include:

  • Using an incompatible lens – Every contact lens brand is unique, and so is every pair of eyes. Sometimes, depending on the material and design of a lens, you may experience a different level of comfort. That’s why Dr. Ryczek always gives out free trial lenses before you commit to a prescription. Choosing a brand and design that suits your eyes is crucial to keeping your eyes comfortable and healthy.
  • Improper cleaning – If you don’t sufficiently clean your contact lenses, the buildup of proteins and even foreign matter can make your eyes very uncomfortable when your dirty lenses are in.
  • Wearing the wrong prescription – Just like wearing glasses, if you don’t update your contact lens prescription, you may end up straining your eyes to see clearly, which make your eyes feel sore and tired.

In most cases though, contact lens discomfort can easily be avoided if you comply with Dr. Ryczek’s instructions and recommendations. To schedule a contact lens fitting with Dr. Ryczek to see which contact lenses might be right for you, call our St. Petersburg office today at 727-327-8855.

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