Our Optometry Services

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Optometry Services We Provide

Our St. Petersburg optometrist and his skilled team of staff provide a full range of optometry services, from comprehensive medical eye examinations to contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Comprehensive Eye Exams and Eye Care Services

At our optometry office, our goal is not only to help you see with clarity but also to ensure that your eyes are healthy and functioning properly so that you can preserve your vision for a lifetime. By keeping your eyes healthy with regular check-ups and treatments, we can better serve your vision correction needs.

Medical Eye Exams & Prescription Solutions

Our experienced eye doctor performs all of our comprehensive eye exams with cutting edge technology that provides accurate and thorough information about your eye health. From regular check-ups to special appointments, we can assess your ocular health to make sure your eyes are healthy and happy. We also provide a range of correction solutions including prescription glasses and contact lenses.

Dry Eye Exams and Treatment Options

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye conditions Dr. Ryczek diagnoses. Our specialized exams allow us to accurately diagnose your condition and its severity so we can provide you with recommendations for the most effective solution. With the right treatment options, most patients can eliminate or reduce dry eye symptoms.

Eye Condition Diagnosis & Treatment

Our eye exams allow us to detect and diagnose any medical vision conditions you might be developing, from simple eye infections to cataracts and macular degeneration. In many cases, we can provide in-office solutions, but for eye conditions that require surgery or more specialized care, we can refer you to area experts for the care you need.

To schedule an appointment with our St. Petersburg optometrist for all of your eye care needs, call Ryczek Eye Associates at 727-327-8855 today.

Prescription Eyewear And Contact Lenses

Whether you want prescription glasses, contact lenses, or you need both to suit your lifestyle, we can help you bring your world into focus.

Visit Our In-House Optical Department to Find Your Next Pair of Stylish Frames

High Quality Prescription Eyeglasses

With only the highest quality lens options and affordable and brand name frames, we can help you find the right eyeglasses and the right prescription to help you see clearly. We also offer specialty glasses to help you perform your best for any occasion, including sports related eyewear for athletes and prescription glasses specifically designed for computer use. We pride ourselves in helping you find the best possible eyewear option for every aspect of your life.

Shop Our Collection of Affordable Frames and Designer Eyewear

All of our frames are high-quality options, but we have catered our selection to include something for everyone. From affordable options for your budget to designer brands like Nike and Kate Spade, we can help you see and look your best.

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We Are Contact Lens Specialists

Dr. Ryczek Can Fit Lenses That Other Optometrists Can’t

Dr. Ryczek specializes in contact lens care with the expertise, experience and knowledge to fit every patient with the right lens and prescription. After years performing contact lens research and studies, our dedicated optometrist can confidently work with any lens that is available on the market to find you the right fit.

Local Resources We Trust

If our optometrist determines that you are in need of a service we do not provide, such as surgery or specialty procedures, we will help you find an eye care specialist in your area who can give you the treatment you need.

To schedule an appointment with an experienced St. Petersburg eye doctor, call Ryczek Eye Associates at 727-327-8855 today.