How Long will it take to Order my Glasses?

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Prescription Glasses Made Easy

When you order a new pair of prescription glasses from Dr. Ryczek’s office, we go out of our way to make sure it is a pleasant experience from start to finish. We know that choosing a new pair of frames can be exciting, daunting or simply another task to complete, but no matter how you feel about making a decision, we’re here to help make the process as smooth as possible.

For lots of our patients, choosing the frames is the hardest part, but once you’ve selected just the right pair of glasses, the rest is easy. We send your order to our lab partners where your lenses will be cut and matched with your frames.

Prescription Glasses Turnaround Times

As a general reference, these are the turnaround times you might expect:

  • 1 week – Most of our patients receive their new glasses in about 1 week.
  • 3 to 4 Days – We do provide rush orders that can be made available in 3 to 4 days for patients who need glasses in a hurry, but this may depend on the frames and lenses you select.
  • 1 day – In some cases, we can have a pair of glasses ready in a single day, but you will need to discuss this with Dr. Ryczek. The type of frames and lenses you require may or not make this timeframe possible.

Our efficient turnaround time is made possible thanks to more 33 years of partnership between Dr. Ryczek and our trusted, local laboratory. Of course, in some cases, the timeframe may vary, but our team will do our best to make sure you are made aware of any changes to the pickup schedule.

To find out more about ordering prescription glasses from our St. Petersburg optometry office or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryczek, call 727-327-8855 today.

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